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Islam is a complete and integral Divine religion and way of life. It has a complete code of ethics for a happy life and peaceful and tranquil life after death.

Islam is pure from all imperfections, defects and blemishing effects. It is a perfect way of life.

Any deviant or abnormal behavior observed on a Muslim should have no bearing on Islam, non-what-so-ever. The reason for such a deviation or bad behavior is due to ill knowledge of the faith itself, or due a weak faith that led to such deviant acts.

Islam, by no mean, should be assessed or evaluated based on the individuals' behavior and attitudes.

Islam and Preservation of
the Five Essential Necessities of Life

Islam, aims to establish by its principles, a legal framework, a code of ethics, and an ideal society with a balance between protecting the rights of the individual and the rights of the society collectively.

on Human Rights in Islam

The following are some of the noteworthy misconceptions about the religion of Islam and it's principles of human rights.

Rights & Obligations in Islam

Islam endeavors to strengthen the social ties among the members of the Islamic society. Islam addressed the rights of the immediate members of the family first, then the kindred who have obligations and rights towards each other according to their closeness.

Public Rights and Duties

Islam instructs a believer to share the concerns and the trials of his Muslim brethren all over the world and assist them according to his ability.