The Rights of Children

The rights of the children are numerous, beginning with the entitlement to be given honorable names. The Prophet said:

Verily you will be called by your names and your fathers' names on the Day of Requital, so give yourselves good names.
Abu Dawood, no. 4948.

Their rights include provision of all the necessities of life like affordable housing, lawful food, beneficial education and proper upbringing. The Messenger of Allah said,

It is a sufficient sin to lose and waste those whom you are obligated to support [i.e. by not providing proper care and upbringing].
Abu Dawood, no. 1692.

Parents should teach them good moral behavior and protect them against bad habits such as lying, cheating, deception, selfishness, etc. The Messenger of Allah said:

Each one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for those under his care.
Bukhari, no. 853 and Muslim, no. 1829.

Children are entitled to receive just and equal treatment without being preferred one over another in terms of dealings and treatment, gifts, grants, inheritance etc. Unfair treatment to the children may result in bad behavior towards either or both parents and the other siblings.

Nu'man b. Basheer said that my father offered me a gift from his wealth so my mother Umrah bint Rawah said: I would not agree to that until the Messenger of Allah witnesses it. So my father went and asked him to witness my gift. The Messenger of Allah asked: "Did you offer the same to all of your children?The man replied, 'No!' Allah's Messenger said to him: "Fear Allah and be just in dealing with your children.So my father returned and placed back that gift.